goes opensource

In 2010, me, Douglas Campos (qmx) and Anderson Leite worked on a RailsRumble project called Almost 2 years later, the project is still online and being used by a lot of people. It is definitely one of my most successful personal projects I’ve ever made, and I am really proud of it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been fair to it. It has a lot of potential, but I’ve only been doing some simple maintenance in this period, and I am sorry, I have not been fair to call4paperz users. I was working on a complete rewrite (remember, it is a RailsRumble project) and redesign, but I lost the will of doing that. I’ve moved to San Francisco and a lot of new projects are queueing in my work pipeline (one of them is finding an apartment, which is a whole job by itself).

So, to stop being unfair to call4paperz users, now call4paperz is opensource. I will still pay for hosting, domain and manage the Twitter account, but any further development are now welcome. Please submit your pull request :)

The source code lives in GitHub under MIT license. You can also join the mailing list.

I have to admit that the source code is messy and we have just a couple of integration tests, old Rails version, cowboy style. But if you’re working on a feature and need any help, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for listening and using our product!

Written by Vinicius Baggio Fuentes, who works in tech in NY and loves being in the kitchen in the remaining time. Twitter Instagram