Summer 2018 in Italy

I spent 6 weeks in Italy between June and July 2018. I just had quit my job and spent most of the time in a tiny village in Tuscany. My main goal was to work on some italian inheritage paperwork, and that had many limitations. The main limitation was that I couldn’t travel much during the week, so I mostly had half of Saturday and Sunday to travel.

Given that the italian train system is amazing, I was still able to visit many incredible places, just by train.

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Cinque Terre

First, I went to Cinque Terre, and I hiked from Monterosso al Mare, to Vernazza, to Corniglia and finally to Volastra / Manarola. I was pretty beat by then and I decided to take the train from Manarola to Riomaggiore, given that the easy path is closed until who knows when.

Note: most of the photos are from my phone (Pixel 2), given I smeared my camera lens with sweat and sunscreen. Oops.

ct0 ct1 ct2 ct3 ct4 ct5 ct6 ct7 ct8 ct9 ct10 ct11 ct12 ct13 ct14 ct15 ct16 ct17 ct18 ct19 ct20 ct21 ct22 ct23 ct24 ct25 ct26 ct27 ct28 ct29


Here I took more photos with my camera (a Fuji XT-1 with a 35mm prime lens and that’s it), but some with my phone too, especially the ones at night.

venezia1 venezia2 venezia3 venezia4 venezia5 venezia6 venezia7 venezia8


I went multiple days and took a billion of photos of Florence, since I was stationed pretty close to it. Again, mix of Pixel 2 and Fuji XT-1. I tried to pick only the coolest ones here.

florence1 florence2 florence3 florence4 florence5 florence6 florence7 florence8 florence9 florence10


Lucca is a beautiful town! I highly recommend it. I didn’t take many photos but I highly recommend going there during a festival, or sit at a café, sip some Aperol-Spritz and watch life go by. They have a a lot of Verdi stuff since he was born there.

lucca1 lucca2 lucca3 lucca4


Siena is awesome. Since in the summer italians throw a lot of medieval festivities (pretty sure it’s a good tourist business!), I fell into one that I didn’t plan. If you go, make sure to check the cathedral. Gorgeous.

siena1 siena2 siena3 siena4 siena5 siena6


Collodi is near the city I was staying, and it’s also the home of Pinocchio. I loaded a hiking map I got from in my GPS watch and followed it. Big mistake — it didn’t have any of the trails, it only told that I had to turn to a certain path. I got lost many times but it was a gorgeous 20km hike! The trail mixed routes that were kept, unkept and also little towns north of Lucca.

hike1 hike2 hike3 hike4 hike5 hike6 hike7 hike8 hike9 hike10 hike11 hike12 hike13 hike14 hike15 hike16 hike17 hike18 hike19

Arezzo (Giostra del Saracino)

I did a super quick stop in Arezzo to checkout the Giostra del Saracino, a tip that my italian teacher gave me. Most of the tourists there were italians, and there were a ton of local people cheering for their own neighborhoods. It was pretty cool to see that didn’t feel artificial. Highly recommended.

giostra0 giostra1 giostra2 giostra3 giostra4 giostra5 giostra6 giostra7 giostra8 giostra9 giostra10 giostra11 giostra12 giostra13 giostra14 giostra15 giostra16 giostra17 giostra18


The last stop was Rome, in which I only spent one day and two nights, beforing returning to New York. I would love to visit Rome again, with more time. So impressive. If you go, check out the tiny concerts everywhere in the summer. I found a piano player playing in a little nook in the jewish neighborhood that was so incredible, even from far away.

rome1 rome2 rome3 rome4 rome5

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Written by Vinicius Baggio Fuentes, who works in tech in NY and loves being in the kitchen in the remaining time. Twitter Instagram