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Cooking log: June 21st 2015

Roasted broccoli, playing with plating. Notes: reduce the balsamic more, it didn’t hold its shape, too watery. Roast in phases, broccoli and cherry tomatoes didn’t caramelize, whereas the lemon did. Broccoli would have tasted much better if more crispy. Lemons need to be cut more precise, clearly can see where they cooked more. Burger was a teeny bit overcooked, 4min then 2min maybe? Salt and pepper only, 15% fat, organic from Whole Foods.

933 Howard street

933 Howard street was home before I even knew. One of the first things I did when I moved to the US was to go to there, to meet some people before Bay to Breakers. Since then my American life was bound to that address. There I met people I have as best friends today and luckily, a couple of years later, some of them became my roommates. There I said goodbye to great friends, that went back to their home country.

Porque você não deve usar down migrations

Se você trabalha com web, é muito provável que você já usa migrações de banco de dados. Frameworks Web como Rails adotam migrações em seu design por padrão e projetos como Goose ou DbMaintain tornam migrações fáceis de ser aplicadas em qualquer projeto. Porém, você já pensou o que acontece quando o aplicativo precisa ser atualizado em produção, e você precisa rodar migrações de banco? Vamos pensar em um exemplo para ilustrar o problema.

Pipeline de distribuição de aplicativos iOS

Esse artigo é baseado em uma apresentação que dei no Medium TechTalks em 19 de Agosto de 2014. Para distribuir aplicativos Web, garantindo qualidade, é necessário o uso de chaveamento de funcionalidades, ou “feature toggling”. O chaveamento de funcionalidades permite que administrador possa ligar ou desligar uma funcionalidade, sem a necessidade de um novo deploy ou alteração código. É possível também determinar quais grupos de usuários irão observar essa funcionalidade, ou uma quantidade de usuários (1%, 5%, 50%, etc).

Project Banh Mi

I usually like cooking things from scratch, like tofu and bread. Definitely not a very time-efficient thing to do, but I learn a lot in the process, it’s fun to spend time in the kitchen talking to my roommates or listening to music or podcasts. Anyway, I came across the following book: So I decided to make Banh Mis from scratch, as much as possible. If you don’t know what a Banh Mi is, you’re missing out.

How We Modularized Medium’s iOS codebase

How We Modularized Medium’s iOS codebase Without interrupting workflow After we launched the Medium iOS app, we wanted to make it easy for any engineer in the company to quickly experiment with, and contribute to, the codebase. Having a more modular codebase enables us to experiment more: for example, we could spin up a prototype that has the same core components for authentication and downloading posts, but explores different navigation or post displays.

git subtrees: a tutorial

git subtrees: a tutorial Scenarios on git subtrees This is a tutorial on how to use git subtrees. In this example, we will work on “parent”, the repository that consumes a library called “my-subproject”. To understand why you would use git subtrees, read my article Modularizing Medium’s iOS codebase.There is a repo called “parent” and we are about to import a library called “my-subproject”. Here’s how they look: parent:

Mudando-se para San Francisco

Mudando-se para San Francisco Como é o processo de migração para os EUA Vinicius Baggio Fuentes / 2014 Prefácio Vez ou outra me perguntam como é que vim parar em San Francisco, como é o processo de migração, como funciona o visto, entre outras coisas. Por esse motivo, resolvi compilar essas conversas que tive neste texto. Aqui explico desde como arrumei meu emprego até as burocracias envolvidas. Lembre-se que esse texto é apenas informativo ou de curiosidade.


Spin I look at my dad, to see his eyes fixed on on the highway, seeing through the pouring rain. The smell of the funeral home’s coffee is strong in the car. A moment later, the world start spinning and everything is blurred, I can only hear the brisk noise of tires burning. The car, out of control, crosses the two lanes on our left side and falls into a whole on the other side of the highway.

My first cycling trip

Credit: Fabio kung My first cycling trip From San Francisco to Santa Cruz A bit more than a year ago, I was a completely sedentary person, having ridden a bike no more than 10 times in my entire life. After I moved to San Francisco, due to the influence of good friends, I started biking. I suffered to go anywhere. In a matter of few minutes, I was panting, my heart pounding in my chest and my legs burning on lactic acid.