I look at my dad, to see his eyes fixed on on the highway, seeing through the pouring rain. The smell of the funeral home’s coffee is strong in the car. A moment later, the world start spinning and everything is blurred, I can only hear the brisk noise of tires burning. The car, out of control, crosses the two lanes on our left side and falls into a whole on the other side of the highway. I blink and the world is completely changed. I can see shattered glass everywhere, grass, mud, dirt and plastic all around.

I take a deep breath, cover my face with one hand and unbuckle my belt with the other. I fall on the shattered glass, put my feet on the roof of the car and yell, looking backwards:

— MOM! MOM ! Are you ok?
No answer.
— MOM! Talk to me! Dad!!!
No answer.

My whole body starts shaking vigorously. I turn backwards, to see my mom on the back of the car. Her eyes are opened, but look nowhere. I can see movements on her chest, I take a deep breath and I look at my dad. He starts moving, looking all around. I say out loud, pushing all the air in my lungs out: “Dad, cover your face and hold yourself, I am going to unbuckle you”. He nods. I unbuckle, and I hear the crack of the glass. “Now, put your feet on my hands and you will push yourself outside of the window, ok?” He turns his feet with his worn-out flip flops on my hands and pushes himself outside of the car. My hands bleeds, there’s shattered glass all around us.

I push myself out of the car and open my mom’s door, she doesn’t say a thing but she is able to move herself out, onto the mud. Suddenly, I can see people all around me, helping my mom, cleaning her, helping my dad, and a dog comes running at me and starts licking my face. Someone says “we could only know there was something wrong because we saw your dog lost in the middle of the highway, desperate.”


Shaky — 2000

In memory of the most faithful dog this world has ever seen.

Written by Vinicius Baggio Fuentes, who works in tech in NY and loves being in the kitchen in the remaining time. Twitter Instagram